Friday, July 22, 2011

My Brush with Antique Fame...

How fun!! Mike Wolf from American Pickers will be there....

Years ago one of the antique roadshow thingees stopped in Phila at the Art Museum - $5 appraisal per item. It was THIS time of the year and I was 6 mos pregnant - looked like a mama elephant and still wanted an appraisal of a chair (my son will be 30 in Nov.. LOL that's how long ago).

So you know those steps that Rocky runs up at the Art Museum (in the movie..) ...well the pregnant elephant put the chair in the car...drove down... carried the chair AROUND the whole blessed building (the Philadelphia Art Museum is HUGE!! REALLY HUGE!)... and then put it on her head like the best 3rd world tribeswoman...and walked up the steps.  I don't know which was funnier..the chair on my head.. legs up in the air..or the big belly going up the steps like Rocky!

For $5 I found out that the chair was 16th/17th century (1500-1600) English, Hickory, ladderback with a rush seat and only (ONLY??) worth $600.  My husband had bought it for $25 at an auction. So I put it back on my head...and walked back down the stairs..put it back in the car and drove it and him to Main Street in New Hope where I sold it to a dealer for $300 cash. LOL ...paid for my infant's delivery and his  first live Scream! and the pediatrician who made sure he screamed...
Had some good buys after that but not much that compared pricewise.

I'd love to go to the Pickers thing... tell whoever goes to take pictures for us and put them on Facebook!!


  1. What a great story AND a great mind picture!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Knowing you I can almost picture. Love the story! Suz