Thursday, April 22, 2010

I always wonder:

1) Who are YOU calling a small business?
2) Why do we have EARTH day if we live here? don't you pickup and take care of the "home" in which youlive? then why does the "earth" need a day?? Why is it not getting your undivided attention for a whole year?
3) Why do they think being green is good?? I refer you to moldy bread.... ??? just saying..........
4) Why do some people NEVER find and follow a mentor - do they think "they" don't need one?? ? have they looked in a mirror?
5) some where in the bible it refers to the fact that Jesus, was ignored - "a prophet in his own land" meaning HE got no respect at home and had to venture out to other towns/districts to gain followers. Why is that?? Wouldn't you think that your own family and friends would respect what you say enough to do what you suggest?

So if I say List More, Sell more, some folks listen? But not my family or friends. WHY?

I'm sure I'll think of more...