Sunday, May 2, 2010

Children's Book Week May 10 - 16, 2010

God knows some of us have a time getting our kids to read - anything, even the cereal box would be more reading than some do. In fact, some of us settle for the cereal box. But next week is Children's Book Week in the USA. This week is Children's Book Week in Canada (May 2-9th) and don't ask me why the ADULTS couldn't all be on the same week? cause I have no clue except to say to the younger's cause they are adults.

As a sometime bookseller and long time book addict/reader/lover I have a vested interest in getting the next generation, hey even the next 5 generations to read.

In my day (yeah the dinosaurs roamed in Penna too) girls typically started with Black Beauty, Little Women and moved on to Nancy Drew. Boys read Hardy Boys, Rick Brant and comic books. (girls didn't so much read comic books in my younger days - the 1950's)

A few years ago the big "book event" was Lemony Snicket books and Magic School Bus for some while others gravitated towards the American Girl books and boys my son's age started with TMNT aka Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turles and then read Spawn comics (he was born in the 1980's)

So, what do you want your kids to read? What can you buy them, trick them into buying, tape to their little hands while they sleep, etc that will catch and keep their interests? Well these Canadian teachers have a clue and these kids, well they are down right special!