Sunday, September 27, 2009

Estate Sale - Cheryl Wheeler - Check this out!

Really puts it all in perspective, eh? BUT, will it stop me next week?? not blinking likely! I think I'm an addict.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Ok, why is it:

1. People on eBay would rather report your for some dumb, inadvertent violation than say "hey, you might want to check this because I don't think you can do that?" or "Hey did you miss these references to checks/money orders? You must have just missed them cause I see you have 1200 listings and only 43 are still saying that."

No the ebay gestapo has to go report you. I grew up in the projects in South Phila. We had a name for folks like that - it's still being used down there. It's NOT a nice name - those people are "snitches" and it's mean yellow-bellied motive that drives them. Now if you see a robbery or a murder, snitch. But if you see someone make a mistake on eBay??? NO SNITCHING! Ask your Mom, tattletales are not loved or appreciated anywhere.


People will write blogs like this and they will just not use spell check. Typos and bad punctuation make you look unprofessional. (note to self...spell check before publishing)

3. Why IS IT??

People will use ASQ and quibble about the shipping on the lightest items? Do they think those items wrap themselves, come with shipping boxes and bubblewrap preapplied back in the 1880's ?

AND there is their cousin, who will ask "why does it have to have insurance? Can't you stick it in a bubble envelope??" One of these days, I swear, I'm gonna take their 1890's postcard, put an address label on it and a stamp and send it thru the mail naked. How would they like that??

4. Why is it??
Everyone's new Theme is "If it doesn't sell in 3 months throw it out, or send it back to auction or donate it to charity??

These are probably the same people who hire "organizers" to organize their houses which ends up meaning no collections, no displays, no chatckies... I personally prefer the over-stuffed houses of the Victorian-era with LOTS of stuff. I think some things need the right eyeballs to see them and those eyeballs might not get on eBay or my tiny website more than once a year. Cripes I don't even know if I come up in Google yet (but I should look and find out before Janelle kicks my butt for not knowing).

The point it, why am I sending something back to auction after 3 mos? It's like those houses in California and elsewhere. You paid too much, the values dropped and now you want to not hold on to it and make the payments. You want to "flip" that antique slop jar and take whatever you can get and move on. NOT THE WAY TO DO IT!! Just not. Our parents bought one or two houses, made a home, embellished and improved it and PAID DOWN ON IT FOR YEARS. Then maybe they sold it IF the value had gone up and moved up or downscaled and paid off the 2nd house.

My theory? expounded at more length in my next post is buy low, list high, make deals by taking best offers or hold out for a full price buyer. The eBay store listing costs $.36 a YEAR.. a YEAR?? You wasted more than that on Lattes and croisants this morning (and they are bad for you!)

Ok I'd done for today - Watch this video - John's cute, smart and funny! (and he's good to his mom so he supports breast cancer awareness month which starts next Thursday!)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

BLING MY BRA! Charity Auctions to Benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation

Did I mention that I've organized 20 of the best and brightest on eBay and Bonanzle and etsy to create Fantasy bras which I'm going to list and auction starting in October?? We intend to have 1 or more endign each day of the month.

Proceeds - 100% of them, will go to the Susan G Komen Foundation to aid in the search for a cure to Breast Cancer - which is the #2 killer of women in this country. Here's a sneak peak at the first group of 17+ bras.

Now go round up your neighbors and friends, your inlaws, outlaws and John Laws and challenge your friends and your enemies to bid til they burst,cause ALL the money goes to such a great cause.

And you all come back later to see the NEXT batch!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bling My Bra for Breast Cancer Research!

Bling My Bra

Most of my followers and friends have already been approached to help with this so they know - We're doing Charity Auctions - during the entire month of October.

I am pretty sure (I have to recount) that we have MORE than 31 bras for the Bling My Bra campaign. Proceeds will benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation thru eBay's Giving Works program.

Bras are "theme bras" or "Fantasy Bras" made entirely by unaffiliated voluenteers. When I say "unaffiliated" I mean they are doing it because they believe in the cause not because the boss said so.

Bra Artists and Donors include (this is an incomplete check back later for updates...every day til October 31st):

Dar of Dar's Glass
Danni Ackerly of Udderlygoodstuff
Bev England of samican, videotowne and familynightmovies
Marshell Russell of shell's meanderings (her blog)
Carol Thomas of strayspray books on Amazon
ColderIce of 3rd Power Outlet
Marsha Collier of eBay for Dummies book fame
Griff of eBay and eBay Radio
Lee Mirabel - his ever faithful co-host on ebay radio and Pres. of BrainFood Syndicate and Voicemarketing. com

Others helping are:
John Donahoe - CEO of eBay who kindly autographed one of Dar's bras (one she made to support the military)

Griff who autographed Bev's "Funny Farm" bra because he appears in the movie (and Bev is providing a copy of the movie to be included with her Funny Farm Bra)

Cindy Shebley of clovercitysells for marketing advice and assistance

Cindy's client VMKInnovation - VMK has donated hats and bandanas to be included with the shipments of bras to the winning bidders.

Janelle Elms who has donated her Instructional CD - Profitable Keyword Training with Janelle Elms to be auctioned also with the benefits going to Susan G Komen Foundation.

Melinda Jackson of GalleriaGifts on ebay and who is providing marketing support.

Stay tuned for additional lists of donors! There are 30+ people involved.