Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear eBay, why do you hate me?

Seriously?? WHAT did I ever do to you but pay hundreds of dollars in fees?? And for that, you have crippled my international sales.  GEE THANKS.

For the rest of the world, let me be clear, I am not an eBay hater.  If I were, I hardly would be listing there after 14 years.  I loved the "real eBay" but this version now is driving me to drink...or homicide.

I USED to get 40% of my sales from international buyers. I spend money for international visibility (which I think is maximum greed on eBay's part but I do buy that visibility cause I love international sales).  And for what??? So I can get buyers telling me they can't buy because it shows No international shipping? NOT what I want to hear.

I have calculated international shipping on ALL my items, so customers can see what it's going to cost to have that thing, mailed to them. Where ever they are.  So why is eBay telling people I have no shipping to the UK or Canada or Switzerland?? (and God only knows where else they discouraged people from...)

BEATS ME! the only answer I can think of is, they hate me, and/or they are trying to drive me nuts.

Thanks eBay, that's my husband's job...Back off, he's better at it than even you are.

Sort of goes along with the eternal question - how can I buy an autograph on eBay  but when I try to sell that autograph I get a severe policy violation that lasts a year...first one and it lasts a year BUT I can't get a refund on the autograph cause stupid me waited more than 90 days to try and sell it and find out it was a fake....... so I got doubly screwed. (see and you all thought I was mad about nothing... )

Sunday, November 14, 2010

These Are The DSRs Of Our Lives: The Countdown To Christmas SALES!!!

These Are The DSRs Of Our Lives: The Countdown To Christmas SALES!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Capodimonte Porcelain

Capodimonte Porcelain on Ebay
First let me show you some Beautiful pieces in this ornate, elaborate porcelain.
this one is from my friend Elaine -

Capodimonte Figurine of a Lady on a Swing

Capodimonte was the summer palace of the Spanish King of Naples (Charles III) and in 1745 he created the manufactory there of porcelains. Over the intervening centuries, the tradition of first quality porcelain continued and became a standard of high quality porcelain decorative figures that were handcrafted, hand painted.
Beginning in the late 1800's, more items were hand-crafted, handpainted, hand fired and were done in small family productions.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the area has produced multitudes of "floral" compositions, handcrafted, hand-fired and hand painted so that it has become the capital of the tourist souvenirs for Italy.  Now, I grew up in South Phila, which in the 1950's/60/s and even to today in an Italian American neighborhood in Phila.  Every one of my Italian friends and in-laws/outlaws and neighbors had  Capodimonte in their "dressed windows" (another tradition I'll explain to you in a later post.  Sometimes those windows, looked out at street level...literally even with the sidewalk, from a "finished" basement. Sometimes they were the main window of the  first floor of a rowhome, which could be anywhere from eyelevel to 3 ft over your head.  On any given street, in the 60's and 70's at least half that houses had elaborate porcelain figurines or floral arrangements, all Capodimonte, in the window!

Capodimonte and Buen Retiro: Porcelains Period of Charles III

But then there is this one too Goddess pulled by Putti

Use this search to find more - seriously I make zero off of showing you these...but it might change your buying pattern if you recognize these at the fleamarket or garage sale