Friday, October 15, 2010

Antique Dealers, Do You Know Where The Kids Are?

Last week I went to an antique show with my son, who is 29.  He doesn't "fit the mold" of what antique dealers typically see in their shops. I don't think he's EVER gone in one voluntarily.

But while standing there in line I looked around. And the following photos are "the symptom" and the problem and they point graphically to the answer of why there is such a huge decline in antique sales.  Check these out..

Can you find the common denominator?

It's the gray hair.  If we want to thrive, not just survive, we have to start focusing on the younger clientele as well as our tried and true vintage people.   We have to carry what they are interested in. More on this later. Think about what you sell and "who" buys it.

See my point?