Friday, September 24, 2010

The Punk Returns

This is Max - he has nothing to do with antiques (well except sniffing them when I bring them home) but his job here at the World Headquarters of is security.  He keeps out all the squirrels, the blue birds, the brown birds, the doves, the red birds etc.

So yesterday we come home from doing the monthly grocery shopping and the Shipping Manager opens the sliding glass doors to the yard for "air".  But he forget to check the screens.  The screens are on rollers, not hinged so they have to be positioned just right or there are gaps.  Well Max, the Security Dept, went thru the gaps and ?

Well, normally he goes out, heads right to the forsythia bush and camps underneath it, where he knows I'll have crawl in my hands and replaced knees...NOT a good luck for this old lady!

This time he must have patroled the outter perimeter and then headed back to home base.  But he ended up at the front door. 

Now the shipping manager comes out of his ice cave, (aka the bedroom with the AC going full blast and the TV going even more full blast..(seriously, how many times can you listen to ESPN or DLN without losing your minds at the repetitive stories??)  and sees "his" cat, Cos, standing on his hind legs looking out the front door.  Then something goes by...and goes back by...and it's MAX! He was pacing in front of the door trying to get in (yes, he knows where the handle is and what it does but tall as he is, he still can't quite reach it...or he wouldn't need me.)  He couldn't figure out why Cos wouldn't let him in and Cos looked like he just wanted to know "Howd' you get out there Dude?"

So The Punk is home... safely, and washed down (what you think prision breaks should be rewarded? Hell no!! I bathed him. That'll teach him...(or me).