Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you a TRS or an A.S.S?

You know, someone pointed out on eBay radio the other day that if you're not a TRS (top rated seller) ebay calls you an A S S Above Standard Seller.

ASS??? are you blinkin' kidding me??

So Griff, swore it was an oversight. A thoughtless stupid oversight. But me?? just cause I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after me... I think it was just what it looks like, some snarky "clerk" programmer's slap to the people who were complaining that the new standards are too difficult to understand/meet/care about. And this was that person's small-minded revenge. So I'll Wear that Badge, cause I'm still there on ebay...although not for long the way they keep reducing my visibility

Today is March 19th... ST. Joseph's Feast day

And I can hear you ... I heard the remark about WHY should I care... ?? well for a couple of reasons...

1. Today, according to my Irish grandfather, was the day to plant potatoes - and in fact any "cool" vegetable. Apparently someone in the last 2000 years made St. Joseph the patron saint of vegetable gardens. I don't know that for sure... I'm just saying....can't hurt, might help..

2. In the Italian communities in South Philadelphia (where I was raised even though I'm about 110% Irish descent) they bury statues of St. Joseph head down in the ground at any property they want to sell.... ? Real Estate market is BUSTED... can this hurt? head to the Ave Maria Store or other catholic store nearby, buy a 6" plastic statue, say a prayer, bury it head down (in a Flower pot on the patio if nothing else) and see what happens... again... Cant' hurt - might help

3. Head to ebay and check out the prices of the vintage ANRI and other brands of religious statues.

You'll be amazed. some one has even made a kit... here I thought a plain old statue and a prayer would do the trick.