Friday, March 19, 2010

Today is March 19th... ST. Joseph's Feast day

And I can hear you ... I heard the remark about WHY should I care... ?? well for a couple of reasons...

1. Today, according to my Irish grandfather, was the day to plant potatoes - and in fact any "cool" vegetable. Apparently someone in the last 2000 years made St. Joseph the patron saint of vegetable gardens. I don't know that for sure... I'm just saying....can't hurt, might help..

2. In the Italian communities in South Philadelphia (where I was raised even though I'm about 110% Irish descent) they bury statues of St. Joseph head down in the ground at any property they want to sell.... ? Real Estate market is BUSTED... can this hurt? head to the Ave Maria Store or other catholic store nearby, buy a 6" plastic statue, say a prayer, bury it head down (in a Flower pot on the patio if nothing else) and see what happens... again... Cant' hurt - might help

3. Head to ebay and check out the prices of the vintage ANRI and other brands of religious statues.

You'll be amazed. some one has even made a kit... here I thought a plain old statue and a prayer would do the trick.

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