Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honestly? If you use ROBO CALL to ask for my vote,


I don't care if you're running for ticket taker at the movies. DO NOT CALL MY HOUSE!! I pay to be unlisted. I signed up for the DO NOT CALL LIST because I don't want  YOU to call.  I don't care if you're Democat, Republican,Teaparty, or Socialist or Survivalist. 

If I wanted to talk to you, I'd call you.  Since I haven't, don't call me.  I'm not voting for Tom Corbett in Pa because he's called my house, for my husband, 3 x a day every day for two weeks.  IF he hadn't already pissed me  off with his stupid remark that people on unemployment refuse jobs to stay on unemployment, I surely wouldn't vote for him when he's harassing me every day.

Sarah Palin? GET  A REAL JOB! stop pretending to be a celebrity or an intellectual and definitely don't record any more robo call messages. Idon't like you. I think you're a dangerous lunatic as for you endorsing Pat Toomey, that sealed my deal...not voting for him.

Ed from GSP Crossings/ and all the rest of you, TAKE ME OFF YOUR CALL LIST  or pay my damn phone bill.

I already decided weeks ago who I'm not voting for and it's all of you. If you call my house, I vote for your opposition. If they call my house too, I write myself in on the ballot. 

I might finally be forced to vote for Cthulu, the greater of all evils as a write-in vote to retain my superior voting record while NOT giving you any of my political leverage. That or run myself.  Trust me, that's not a good idea either. Every company I ever worked for has gone bankrupt.  OH WAIT?? The Republicans already bankrupted the country during George Bush's last year in office. Then you blamed Obama.   I'm safe... ummm where did I put that form to get my name on the ballot?