Saturday, October 17, 2009

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Today's Soapbox - Google, amazon and booksellers at war

Ok, I get that books ARE a big business on the internet - sales used to be in the gadzillion dollar range and competition is fierce.  That's why eBay bought and smothered It's why Amazon was smart enought to co-opt us all by letting us be 3rd party sellers.

But frankly, even though this blog resides on Google's BLOGGER site - (and will soon move) THIS story just pisses me off.

I can see why it's google doing this - they have no 3rd party sellers.  And they are the 800 lb gorilla that can do whatever they want.... but really - what is their point in this?? WHY are they putting all of us little guys out of business??

If they keep this us, none of us will be able to afford computers or internet access and then WHO will using Google??? not me! not you!

I've already moved some things away from google because of the stupid internicene war with eBay.  Those two should be arm in arm, lock step - their attitude is the same.... We don't need no stinkin' sellers. 

Frankly, I can't see why any of us are still using Google? WHERE exactly are our best interests?? NOT with a search engine that wants to be the Supreme Ruler of the World.

PS (Amazon wants that too - Supreme Ruler of the Internet Market Place. ).  Time for a real "tea party" and throw the bastards out.  Let's go find a small search engine and make them big....remember what we did for Google. It wasn't them that made them was us usinging.