Monday, June 7, 2010

Who reconciles Amazon's merchant account statements

Alright I'm sitting here trying to reconcile an account and it's SUCH a pain in the neck to do it isn't even funny. Years ago, I used to reconcile credit card statements for a large company. It wasn't quite the worst job I ever had but I sure hated doing it.

So in the middle of doing this, I went to amazon to buy somethind and thought " I wonder how do they reconcile their accounts?" I'm sure there's not really a person going line by line but I'm also sure it has to be checked by someone somehow. Who do you do it Jeff Bezos?

Or any big company? I don't have a lot of charges thru my "merchant account" to reconcile but hopefully I will a couple of years down the road. How do the big vendors/venues do it? (If you know, whisper it right here, I wont' share it with anyone but my 6 closest friends... LOL)