Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My 1st Quibble with eBay's June 2010 Changes

Ok, the eBay changes are announced and just for the record, I called this post "MY FIRST Quibble" because I am sure it won't be the last thing in them I don't care fore. So?? my opnion ?? Well so far most are not so horrible we can't live with them BUT I was hoping the one about the "REQUIRED ITEM CONDITIONS" might finally be the solution to having the Google Merchant Feed actually produce some real customers. SIGH... BIGGER SIGH...NO

The primary category I list in is Pottery and Glass but item condition (as per below) is NOT required, or probably even offered in that category. BAD EBAY - VERY BAD!
"Pottery & Glass
Main Pottery & Glass category

Available Item Conditions

Item condition will NOT be mandatory in Main Pottery & Glass category (any subcategory exceptions will be listed below)
Not Applicable"

So! *a favorite eBay word,  I guess I'm must gonna move all those to MY website and not pay ebay fees for listing them. Because I can list them on for free (ok, it costs me $5.00 a month TOTAL for the site/hosting etc) and if they sell NO FVF either!  So "free".

"What's the point, Beth? " I hear you asking.. (I can hear you!  I can hear the grass growing in the back yard, regardless of what my husband says, so I know you're thinking that even if you never said it outloud). Well I can generate a GOOGLE-Compliant feed manually if I have to ... (but I do know the real way - the technologically savvy way too).  Now if I can do it, and I ain't all THAT smart, WHY in heaven's name does ebay have a problem puting NEW, USED or REFURBISHED in the condition field and letting us choose one??   EITHER/OR:
  • Maybe they ain't as tech savy as they think they are?
  • Maybe they don't give a sh** (aka poop).
  •  Maybe (#1 most likely explanation !) they really do want to see us keep warting our money on fees for non-selling listings and we'll go belly up while they continue to deny the conspiracy-theory of the conspiracy-theorists. 

Ok, that's "rant" of the moment.  I'll be back when I finish reading the announcement.