Saturday, October 30, 2010

Honestly? If you use ROBO CALL to ask for my vote,


I don't care if you're running for ticket taker at the movies. DO NOT CALL MY HOUSE!! I pay to be unlisted. I signed up for the DO NOT CALL LIST because I don't want  YOU to call.  I don't care if you're Democat, Republican,Teaparty, or Socialist or Survivalist. 

If I wanted to talk to you, I'd call you.  Since I haven't, don't call me.  I'm not voting for Tom Corbett in Pa because he's called my house, for my husband, 3 x a day every day for two weeks.  IF he hadn't already pissed me  off with his stupid remark that people on unemployment refuse jobs to stay on unemployment, I surely wouldn't vote for him when he's harassing me every day.

Sarah Palin? GET  A REAL JOB! stop pretending to be a celebrity or an intellectual and definitely don't record any more robo call messages. Idon't like you. I think you're a dangerous lunatic as for you endorsing Pat Toomey, that sealed my deal...not voting for him.

Ed from GSP Crossings/ and all the rest of you, TAKE ME OFF YOUR CALL LIST  or pay my damn phone bill.

I already decided weeks ago who I'm not voting for and it's all of you. If you call my house, I vote for your opposition. If they call my house too, I write myself in on the ballot. 

I might finally be forced to vote for Cthulu, the greater of all evils as a write-in vote to retain my superior voting record while NOT giving you any of my political leverage. That or run myself.  Trust me, that's not a good idea either. Every company I ever worked for has gone bankrupt.  OH WAIT?? The Republicans already bankrupted the country during George Bush's last year in office. Then you blamed Obama.   I'm safe... ummm where did I put that form to get my name on the ballot?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Antique Dealers, Do You Know Where The Kids Are?

Last week I went to an antique show with my son, who is 29.  He doesn't "fit the mold" of what antique dealers typically see in their shops. I don't think he's EVER gone in one voluntarily.

But while standing there in line I looked around. And the following photos are "the symptom" and the problem and they point graphically to the answer of why there is such a huge decline in antique sales.  Check these out..

Can you find the common denominator?

It's the gray hair.  If we want to thrive, not just survive, we have to start focusing on the younger clientele as well as our tried and true vintage people.   We have to carry what they are interested in. More on this later. Think about what you sell and "who" buys it.

See my point?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Don't fall for this one

Yesterday, supposedly opened their venue to sellers of collectibles in the "everything else" category.  Dumbass that I am, I applied. Supplied my tax number, my checking account info and all my websites and venues. 

BTW I've sold online for 18 years. NOT like I started yesterday. 

Well don't fall for that BS. They are NOT accepting people in that category and I have the email to prove it.

Thank you for your interest in selling on the Marketplace. Unfortunately we are unable to open your selling account at this time for the following reason:

· Your product is not something we are looking to carry at this time

We receive a large number of seller applications each day and have set up these guidelines to help us manage the marketplace effectively. We do thank you for your interest and will keep your application on file in case there are opportunities for us to work together in the future.

Thanks for your interest in selling on Marketplace.

The Marketplace Team

Why do companies do this?? If they don't want collectibles dealers, fine. But don't say you do and reject the first 200 or whatever apply.  And DON'T expect me to reapply later or to shop there any more (Yes I do shop there..oh wait DID used to shop there.)