Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why are you waiting for Paypal to tell you you have funds?/

I've been an eBay seller for 100 years...well ok 14 on March 3rd. I was an ebay seller before there was a Paypal when we had to use MULTIMATE to make our own invoices and email them to folks. And we waited by the mailbox for checks or money orders and sometimes Cash to arrive.

Then God invented Paypal so I wouldn't have to wait any more.

Now, in the beginning, (I wish you could here the heavenly choir singing that...) Paypal didn't send notices.  Now they do... in between sometimes they were supposed and it messed up.  Sometimes they forgot to push the button... but for me?? I didn't care. why?? BECAUSE, I went (and still do) every morning, as soon as I sat down here, and looked in my Paypal account (and my husband's and son's too...) and printed out the Payments.

Since Paypal invented Packing slips I print those ( for in the package and one for me on the outside of the package so I don't mess up and send your stuff to Canada or Canada's stuff to Japan..or Texas)

So please explain this to me?? WHY DON"T YOU DO THAT??  Twice lately, I've heard the excuse "I didn't know you'd paid" for folks who didn't ship stuff. One was from one friend to another (well one of them is still a friend...the reciever person - the non-sender person...not so much).  

And then the same week, a seller told ME that. I paid on Dec 18th for a vintage magazine..still not here...still not marked "shipped".   So I asked."where's my stuff, please?"  And I got the same mumbo jumbo.."oh I didn't notice you paid'.

REALLY?? You got $40 in your paypal account and figured it was a Christmas present from God?? no question asked?? If I find $.04 extra in my paypal account or my google checkout account, I get busy and figure out where it came from. I don't just spend it and go on like nothing's changed.

Ok so you overlooked that part. When you looked at your MY eBay page and the little $$ was filled in and you got a "Paid on December 18 with Paypal" as you moused over the $$$, that didn't trigger a  moment of remorse?? Oh hey, I guess I ought to ship that lady's magazine??

REALLY?? HOW's that?? And then when I ding your stars, you'll be all mystified and stupid and stuff and saying "I have NO clue why this bitch dinged my stars".

HERE are the rules:

You list.
I buy.
You bill me.
I pay within your time frame or even better, I pay faster!!
You  check paypal every morning and ship everything that's paid for.

END OF STORY - not stupid excuses like "Oh I didn't notice you paid".

Oh and when I ask you where my item is, three weeks after I paid you" please dont' give me guff about how it's Paypal's fault because they didn't notify you and their spotty history of notification. THEY didn't get my money, you did....

I have a left-handed cat

I have a "left-handed" and a "right-handed" cat... The lefty (below) is Max.  He actually adopted my son who, coincidentally is left handed. So when he sits on my son's lap, Mike rubs his head and pets him with his right hand as he (Mike) continues to mouse around the internet left-handed (aka NO loss of productivity).
See?? He sleeps on the left too.. here they are enjoying the electric blanket and NO, I didn't tuck them under there.  They be smart cats, don't need no help from annoying human moms..
Cosmos - the seal point Siamese, is a right hand cat.  He sits so he gets petted with your left hand...he sleeps on the right, exactly opposite of Max.

 They also check out "towel fluffiness" in the closet for the management. (max on the left..his left and Cos on the right...(brown)
And so, when Mike is not around and Mom is assigned to pet him, Max sits on my lap and demands to be petted with my right hand...thereby reducing my productivity to ZERO!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Hey loves you anyway!