Friday, October 23, 2009

I do not own stock in either Amazon or eBay - so my interest in these two entities is as a seller -

So ebay blamed it's poor performance onthe degraded state of the dollar - the recession ?? the milkman (oh wait, he got laid off long ago). Their sales increased only 4% YOY (year over year meaning 2009 vs 2008 PS, the reason accountants talk like that?? YOY is so neither WE nor the investors (aka US) will understand them.)

Amazon- the model eBay "wants" to be...and isn't??


Ok, I rest my case - eBay had a USP (thanks OSIROCKSTARS for the terminology) also known as a Unique Selling Position. But they drove off,pissed off or kicked off many many sellers- maybe half. (OH WHAT THAT is another story HALF.COM...they killed that off pretty much. I haven't had a sale on there in 6 mos)....

So like I said, I rest my case. Where o Where is the eBay Board of Directors and why do they not care that these people running ebay don't know their A**from a hole in the ground??