Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bling My Bra for Breast Cancer Research!

Bling My Bra

Most of my followers and friends have already been approached to help with this so they know - We're doing Charity Auctions - during the entire month of October.

I am pretty sure (I have to recount) that we have MORE than 31 bras for the Bling My Bra campaign. Proceeds will benefit the Susan G Komen Foundation thru eBay's Giving Works program.

Bras are "theme bras" or "Fantasy Bras" made entirely by unaffiliated voluenteers. When I say "unaffiliated" I mean they are doing it because they believe in the cause not because the boss said so.

Bra Artists and Donors include (this is an incomplete check back later for updates...every day til October 31st):

Dar of Dar's Glass
Danni Ackerly of Udderlygoodstuff
Bev England of samican, videotowne and familynightmovies
Marshell Russell of shell's meanderings (her blog)
Carol Thomas of strayspray books on Amazon
ColderIce of 3rd Power Outlet
Marsha Collier of eBay for Dummies book fame
Griff of eBay and eBay Radio
Lee Mirabel - his ever faithful co-host on ebay radio and Pres. of BrainFood Syndicate and Voicemarketing. com

Others helping are:
John Donahoe - CEO of eBay who kindly autographed one of Dar's bras (one she made to support the military)

Griff who autographed Bev's "Funny Farm" bra because he appears in the movie (and Bev is providing a copy of the movie to be included with her Funny Farm Bra)

Cindy Shebley of clovercitysells for marketing advice and assistance

Cindy's client VMKInnovation - VMK has donated hats and bandanas to be included with the shipments of bras to the winning bidders.

Janelle Elms who has donated her Instructional CD - Profitable Keyword Training with Janelle Elms to be auctioned also with the benefits going to Susan G Komen Foundation.

Melinda Jackson of GalleriaGifts on ebay and who is providing marketing support.

Stay tuned for additional lists of donors! There are 30+ people involved.