Sunday, November 8, 2009

Boy did you Bling some Bras, Babee! What's next!?

The "Bling MY Bra" campaign raised over $1200 in October between my auctions (woadieland)for the bras that were donated and Melinda Jackson's(galleriagifts) and Bev England's (videotown).

3 more bras just arrived so those will get listed this week and hopefully someone will bid on these.

What's next?? Well stand by - come February, I'll be running some charity auctions to benefit the American Heart Association in conjunction with the WEAR RED campaign and they'll be timed to end on Feb. 5th. Stand By. WAIT till you see what is coming -

Ok here's a sneak peak - made by Kathy Moretti who sells handmade lapquilts as KDMORE-Crafts-and-More

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ColderIce Rant

I think John's comments are pertinent to the social situation in this country - So give it a listen!