Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coal-Mining Then...

There's been a lot of press again this year because of the mining disaster in Virginia and the more recent gas line explosion in Penna. Mining, no matter what substance the company was after, has always been a rough, hard job. I'm currently reading Company Doctor which is basically a muck-raking, scathing indictment of the anthracite mining industry in Penna. Published in 1895.  Doesn't seem like much has changed.

Now what I did find interesting is this little book - Jeffrey Coal Mining handbook.  Seems like they know what they're doing but then why does the mining industry have so many disasterous cave-ins?   And just to note. my great grandfather was a miner in Scranton Pa in the 1890's and probably was one of the people the Company Doctor author was talking about.

And if this has sparked an interest, there's a whole bunch of coal mining equipment on eBay - here's the search link  Coal Mining- both vintage and slightly
used but modern.

See you soon (I know I keep promising that but I really will ...I'm doing that #blog30 challenge  

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  1. Did you know your friend (me) is a "Coal Miner's Daughter"? Well, I is :) Daddy and brother Bill owned C & W Mining company in Ohio for years!