Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm so not fashion-savvy..

And this is the proof - my friend, the eBay Queen who blogs under that name posted a Horse-hide coat as a "strange item of the week"on her blog.  And from that I drilled down and found these...

Expensive and "weird" mens jackets

So I have a couple of questions for my fashion-savvy friends?? Are we actually harvesting old Paint's hide to make a coat?? WHO does that?? I know that the French eat horsemeat or used to...way more than we ever do in this country. That's ok there are some places in the world where cats and dog are "fair game" but I'm having trouble conceiving of "Chuckie" the riding lesson horse, turning into "Chuckie" the leather jacket..or shoes??

AND what the heck is a vicuna??  These jackets and coats are vicuna... THANK GOD for Google images... VICUNA pictures..

Ok - time for me to go to work so I can buy my husband and son Vicuna jackets. (Yeah THAT's Happening..)


  1. ROFLOL - you and me both, Beth - I would never have guessed a vicuna and I think a horsehair coat would be pretty uncomfortable - can we just stick with soft stuff ? :)

  2. I love horses, but am allergic. They have their on personality.

  3. Ok Give me Mohair any day and I`m Happy :>) The only horsehair I want on me is what I brush off after riding one lol

  4. Are you calling me Weird??? (you would be right, but....)