Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I have a left-handed cat

I have a "left-handed" and a "right-handed" cat... The lefty (below) is Max.  He actually adopted my son who, coincidentally is left handed. So when he sits on my son's lap, Mike rubs his head and pets him with his right hand as he (Mike) continues to mouse around the internet left-handed (aka NO loss of productivity).
See?? He sleeps on the left too.. here they are enjoying the electric blanket and NO, I didn't tuck them under there.  They be smart cats, don't need no help from annoying human moms..
Cosmos - the seal point Siamese, is a right hand cat.  He sits so he gets petted with your left hand...he sleeps on the right, exactly opposite of Max.

 They also check out "towel fluffiness" in the closet for the management. (max on the left..his left and Cos on the right...(brown)
And so, when Mike is not around and Mom is assigned to pet him, Max sits on my lap and demands to be petted with my right hand...thereby reducing my productivity to ZERO!! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.  Hey loves you anyway!

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  1. Aren't cats just the best manipulators? I've never known one to take "no" for an answer. Love your cats, Beth!