Saturday, May 16, 2009

More Blue Royal Lace -

Gorgeous Huh?

These are the straight-sided candlesticks. The book value in Gene Florence's Encyclopedia is $165. (market's down)

Bottoms up - just to show you what they look like underneath ( you should always look underneath and check every one of those cute little feet for dings/chips/damage as well as the inside candleholderthingeepart.

IF! IF!! you ever find these (even 1) with a rolled edge - GRAB IT and hold on for dear life and then call me. It is one of those pieces EVERY Royal Lace collector wants.

THIS is the cup and saucer - which I'm sticking in here so you can see the pattern better- Remember -blue green pink, crystal in order of importance and amethyst anything goes right to to the top of your BUY IT NOW list.

AND Here's what I still have listed which I'll talk about tomorrow

Beth's Blue Royal Lace

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