Saturday, May 16, 2009

For the truly compulsive collector

This is the cream soup - about a handspan wide

watch inside the handles for dings and small chips and all along the rim inside and out and on the base and the ridges of the pattern. -

This baby is the 13" long 9" wide platter - again watch for fleabites (the teeny tiny chips) and watch for chips on the base and the inside rim.


Beth's Blue Royal Lace

Royal Lace, along with a couple of other patterns is notorious for "fleabites" on the inside rim. This is because (Look at the platter or plate and come back) on the plates and the bowls with rims, they made a "sharp" edge inside of a rounded one. Well guess what? When you wash dishes and stack them in the closet, those sharp edges take a beating. SO, you should always put paper plates or a piece of heavier paper (not coffee filters - like art paper or cardboard - between plates and those cute cardboard soup bowls inside the bowls for the same reason.

And this, is the berry bowl. It's a small "nappy" or 4-5" bowl. It's got the exact same shape as the 10" master berry so now you can identify two more pieces just by remembering this one.

And for now - that ends our Royal Lace Depression Glass lession. What next you ask? I'll find something. After all , I still have 20 tubs and 80 cartons of "merchandise" in the garage.

And if you're bored, you can come read my "other" blog called The Compulsive Collector.

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