Monday, August 23, 2010

Townwide Garage Sales - Miles Long ?

So one friend posted this

And I'm going to the Hulmeville Townwide Garage Sale on Sept 25 (I have to check and see if they have a website... and offer to do one for them.) Well they don't really but they do have this and someone posted these last year on flickr (thanks Sam!  )

But what about you? Have you done the WORLD's LONGEST YARD SALE?? My brother and I have talked about it for years (My husband's immediate reaction was "ARE YOU CRAZY?" why is he asking?? I married him didn't I?)

This year, fortunately, my newly issued Social Security check will come 2 days before Hulmeville's sale.  WOOHOO... I'll let you know what I find. 

Meanwhile THIS coming Saturday I will be here - Lambertville at the Lambertville and Golden Nugget fleamarkets - (side by side on Rt 29 N just south of town) buying my fool head off... then we're going to a couple of stores in Lambertville and the Dunkin Donuts in New Hope before we head to my MIL's for coffee and donuts.  C-ya there.

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